June 7, 2017

Today “fitness” or “strength training” is huge. It has become popular and sexy and empowering and beautiful in the eyes of women and men alike. I remember when I first came to the States in 2007, I was the only girl lifting in the weights section. I was the oddball. Today, I’m part of a group. A group of strong and motivated women who aim to strengthen their body and mind. Witnessing this ‘movement’ developing over time is empowering. And I’d like to think that I had a small part of popularizing...

March 31, 2017

Here’s a little motivation for those who feel like they are stuck in their fat loss journey. Meet S, one of my amazing clients, who’s done an amazing job with her workouts and diet.

The problem is she can't see the difference between both pics🙄. You and I, both, can see the smaller waist, the improved posture, the leaner lower body. The only thing S sees is: 'Omg!! my love handles'.

We’re our worst critics, aren’t we?

Let me explains what usually happens when you’re losing fat and gaining m...

March 28, 2017

Whenever I start working with a new client, I’m encountered with some of the popular preconceived notions and misconceptions regarding nutrition, strength training (ST), the mindset needed for the process of improvements in those areas, and ultimately reaching one’s goals. Here’s an inconclusive list of all the facts I want my clients to know:

1. “I want my fat to turn into muscle”.
Muscle tissue and fat tissue are two very distinct tissues, you cannot change one tissue into the other. The goal...

March 17, 2017

Let’s put this out there. I know you want to trust your favorite fitness celebs, fitness models, and personal trainers. I get it. These people, whose physiques inspired you to work out and embrace on a healthy lifestyle, are quite inspiring and motivating; and there’s nothing wrong with motivation, until it negatively affects you.

Fitness celebs aren’t fitness professionals; they have an unearned authority due to their social status. If a person has one million followers on Facebook, it do...

March 8, 2017

‘lifting heavy weights can’t make women bulky!'

You’ve probably heard this statement before. I’ve also said it numerous times on different social media platforms along the years, and whenever I get a chance to talk to women who haven’t been properly introduced to the iron and are truly afraid of lifting more than 5 lbs because they “don’t want to bulk up”. However, I’ve recently come to the realization that women can, in fact, get bulky from lifting heavy weights. You’re probably shaking your h...

February 21, 2017

Dieting sucks; I know. However, eating in a caloric deficit doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food in decent amounts. Here are some delicious food recommendations/ recipes that are diet friendly; they are high in volume and low in calories, both of which we want when we’re eating less than our body requires, or when we’re simply trying to keep our hunger in check.

1. Top halo/ enlightened ice cream.


Both ice cream are equally delicious and filling. Calories are anywhere between 280-400 for on...

February 15, 2017

The hip hinge is one of the foundational movement patterns everyone should learn how to do. The hip hinge protects and strengthens your lower back, strengthens your lower body musculature (a plumper butt, anyone?), increases core stability (core strength), hip mobility (range of motion), and hamstrings flexibility. And let’s admit it, majority of us have super tight hamstrings and we use our lower back more than we realize.

What is the ‘functional use’ of a hip hinge? we hip hinge when we want...

January 24, 2017

“That’s it. This time, enough is enough. I’m tired of being tired all the time. I’m tired of feeling out of shape. I want to lose my stomach and I want slimmer arms. I want to have energy again”. Does this internal monologue sound familiar to you? Throughout my personal training career, I’ve encountered many women (and men) who all desired the same goals. They wanted to feel strong and look better.

Why is this so hard to achieve, especially today? Why do obesity rates consistently climb ev...

January 19, 2017

The most extreme, suboptimal type of diet/ exercise program would ‘work’ up to a point.
Decided to lose weight and eat 800 calories a day? You'd lose weight.
Decided to start running every day to trim down? You'd trim down.
Decided to start strength-training with a really inefficient, injury-promoting exercise technique and programming? You'd gain muscle and get stronger.
Decided to eliminate one specific food or a food group because some writer in a fitness magazine said eating it 'is the...

January 12, 2017

This is the cover of the ‘NCCPT certified weight management specialist’.
For $199 , you can become a certified weight management specialist just in one day. For those who aren’t well informed, this certification may sound prestigious (‘specialist’) but don’t let it fool you, a one-day course isn’t equivalent to the credentials of a registered dietitian (or a certified sports nutritionist). At best, this certification is equivalent to a week’s worth of a 3 credit class (one week out of a 4-month...

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