June 17, 2019

Here’s an example of an emotional eating habit cycle:

cue - feelings of sadness

The cue leads to a routine, which is eating

Then the routine leads to the reward, which is the happiness, relief etc

Here’s the thing, when a habit emerges, the brain fully stops participating in decision making.

So, deciding ‘I’m goin to stop eating when I feel sad’ isn’t going to cut it because the habit is on an autopilot mode.

Habit cannot be eradicated, it must be replaced. 

So, what you can do is change your rou...

June 17, 2019

How do I know how many calories I burn per day?

How can I speed up my metabolism?

These are some of the questions my clients have asked me at least once.

So, let's look at what your metabolism consists of, or, what is the amount of calories you burn per day:

1. BMR: Basal metabolic rate.
The amount of calories your body burns at rest, for survival. 
For instance, breathing.

2. TEF: Thermic effect of food.
The amount of calories your body burns just for processing the food you're eating (digesti...

June 17, 2019

I find it interesting that among workout clothes, flowers and candles, some of my clients gave me peanut butter themed candy for my birthday.

Do you think they know me well? lol

Some of these clients have lost anywhere between 10lbs-50 lbs while working with me, focusing on making healthy choices and controlling their caloric intake, while treating themselves from time to time on their favorite foods.

We focused on creating a healthy and positive relationship with food.

We focused on not elimi...

April 19, 2019

1. Be process oriented, not event oriented.

Celebrate every habit/ behavior you take upon yourself to become better.

If you started eating protein in every meal, that’s huge.

If you’ve been strength training 3 times a week for the past 2 months- that’s success. 

Again, focus on what is in your control, and what you can keep doing to reach your goals.

2. Find your why. 

Ask yourself 3-5 times WHY. Why do you want to start eating healthier? Why do you want to strength train? Find your deepest, most...

April 19, 2019

Let me preface this by saying that holiday meals aren't going to make or break your fat loss goals. It's what you do consistently, on a regular basis, that determines your success.

Now, there are several approaches you can choose around holiday times:

1. If you don't have a deadline for your fat loss goals ( a wedding, vacation, and so on), you can use the holiday meal as a 'free meal'. That is, eat whatever you want, enjoy spending time with your loved ones, and hop on the train the next day....

March 30, 2019

“ Just write me a workout program” is akin to “just tell me what to eat and I’ll follow your meal plan”.

Both aren’t going to truly help the client, and are a matter of ‘instant gratification’ the client craves.

The role of trainers/ coaches is to understand what the clients *want*, but give them what they *need*.

Here’s why:

1. There are literally thousands of free programs on the internet for free. 
Why would you want a trainer to write you a program when you’re not proficient with the form and ex...

March 24, 2019

I’ve been on a fat loss diet for the past 4 weeks.

We all know desserts are forbidden when our goal is fat loss because the calories from the fat and sugar specifically increase fat deposits. 

JK. I'm just trying to test you 😉


I posted this *mouthgasm* yesterday on my IG story, and was asked how come I’m able to eat this high calorie dessert if I’m on a diet.

Here’s the thing-
yes, this is a caloric bomb, but I *planed* for it.

We know we need to create a caloric deficit to lose fat. 

March 22, 2019

We all have a limited amount of will power.

The secret to making a diet work for you is to reduce the amount of decisions you make on a daily basis. The less you need to decide about what to eat in each meal, the more convenient the diet is for you. Thus, you’d be more likely to stick with it.

This is the reason why meal plans work so well for people. There is no thinking involved, there’s just following the menu.

However, 2 aspects of why following prescribed meal plans isn’t a great idea :


October 14, 2017

My grandfather, Albert Fagan, is going to celebrate his 90th birthday in less than a month. He’s pain free, mobile, and an extremely strong individual.  He recently went through a small procedure, where the doctor had told my parents that my grandfather’s arteries are the same as a 25-year-old.
Want to know his 'secrets'? keep on reading..

Watch him in action


 Watch his post workout high


* * *

September 8, 2017

I asked my beautiful sister, Shani, to write down some pointers of how she lost 40 lbs, without depriving herself, gaining confident, eating foods she enjoys, and keeping it all off.

Here’s what she had to say:


“1. Stop giving excuses.

Once I started treating exercise like a task that I must complete, just like taking a shower and brushing my teeth, I incorporate it into my air tight work/class/internship schedule and ran out of excuses to give.

2. Diet.

I count calories (not o...

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