June 17, 2019

How do I know how many calories I burn per day?

How can I speed up my metabolism?

These are some of the questions my clients have asked me at least once.

So, let's look at what your metabolism consists of, or, what is the amount of calories you burn per day:

1. BMR: Basal metabolic rate.
The amount of calories your body burns at rest, for survival. 
For instance, breathing.

2. TEF: Thermic effect of food.
The amount of calories your body burns just for processing the food you're eating (digesti...

May 13, 2019

Lifting weights and properly resting between sets > endless rounds of circuit training/cardio bursts.

Many times I find myself having to instruct the client to REST between sets.

Women, especially, are so used to performing one exercise then jumping in place then running up the stairs then going back to doing another exercise, so that they FEEL exhausted at the end of a workout.

But, the truth is, exhaustion =/= progression.

I love incorporating supersets with clients, as well as fillers betwe...

April 24, 2019

Strength training isn’t only about building a sexy, fit physique.

It's about building a strong character. 

It’s about feeling strong and capable to the point that you become what you look, and you operate from a strong emotional place.

It’s about carrying yourself with confidence; and focusing on growth, and improvement over time.

It's truly a self-discovery journey. 

Throughout my years of training , I’ve had my fair share of close ones telling me I’ve gained ‘ too much muscle’.


April 19, 2019

Social media, specifically Instagram, is full of before and after pics. You see these insane transformations of women/men who went from ‘not fit’ to ‘toned, lean and buff looking’.

You’re thinking to yourself: ‘this kind of transformation probably takes around 3-6 months’.

Unfortunately, when your wishful body doesn’t show up ‘on time’, you get discouraged, and you want to give up.

The reality is that we’re talking about *years of consistent work* to reach that kind of transformation.

Let me expla...

April 19, 2019

1. Be process oriented, not event oriented.

Celebrate every habit/ behavior you take upon yourself to become better.

If you started eating protein in every meal, that’s huge.

If you’ve been strength training 3 times a week for the past 2 months- that’s success. 

Again, focus on what is in your control, and what you can keep doing to reach your goals.

2. Find your why. 

Ask yourself 3-5 times WHY. Why do you want to start eating healthier? Why do you want to strength train? Find your deepest, most...

April 8, 2019

The older I get, the more I realize that for most people to be healthy and functional, they need to do two things, consistently:

1. Walk

2. Train for hypertrophy =building muscle mass

The first one comes easily, as walking doesn’t require special instructions, and can be performed anywhere.

The second one requires professional guidance in order reap the full benefits of strength training and staying injury free.

Remember, we all lose muscle mass as we age. 
Having muscle mass is the differe...

March 30, 2019

My strength training observations and feelings along the past 14 years in a chronological order:


I don't want to look like a man, but this lifting game is fun
Wow I gained some muscle; I like it
I kinda have an idea of what I'm doing 
Yay. More muscle mass; I can eat more
Damn, my ass looks good; I love my broad shoulders and lats. I do not look like a dude😏 
I feel so strong; I don't care what others say. 
This ‘muscular’ look is feminine to ME 
Strength training is my...

March 30, 2019

“ Just write me a workout program” is akin to “just tell me what to eat and I’ll follow your meal plan”.

Both aren’t going to truly help the client, and are a matter of ‘instant gratification’ the client craves.

The role of trainers/ coaches is to understand what the clients *want*, but give them what they *need*.

Here’s why:

1. There are literally thousands of free programs on the internet for free. 
Why would you want a trainer to write you a program when you’re not proficient with the form and ex...

March 22, 2019


There is no deadline.

Stop putting your body on a deadline.

'I need to lose x amount of weight in x amount of time'.

'I only lost 1 lbs this week, what am i doing wrong ?' (nothing)

'I need to change, and I need to change quickly because I want to see fast results'.

You know what?

Slow progress is still progress.

Slow progress is more likely to stick.

And good habits are what going to stick for the long term (and isn't that what you want? You want *long* term results, not *a few...

March 22, 2019

unhealthy and unhappy as a result. we definitely don’t want that. We want to strive for improvement. We want to strive to make our bodies better than they were ‘meant to be’. We want to get our bodies strong AF. We want to get our bodies fitter, healthier, more mobile. We want our bodies to reflect our values when we value HEALTH. Aesthetics benefits will come along the way too, these are just the additional perks. But the real benefits are the quality of life and your sense of being, your i...

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March 28, 2019

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