What you will learn while working with me:

Strength training –  I will teach you the most effective methods to tone and shape your body, while becoming stronger overall. I believe compound movements, when applied correctly, are the foundation to an effective training program, and have the power to increase quality of life, optimize movement, and eliminate pain. 

Overall mindset – my strength training routine will toughen your overall mindset. You will acquire a refreshing perspective on how to approach challenges, overcome obstacles, and become more productive and proactive in other areas in your life. You will learn that consistency, not perfection, breeds long-term success.

Movement quality & general fitness–I will build a comprehensive program for you based on the areas that need more mobility, stability or both. Everything that you will learn while working with me has a carryover to your everyday life. Additionally,  I will prove to you that more cardio doesn’t equal more weight loss and that there is another, more effective way to reach your fitness goals than spending hours each week on the treadmill. General movement is key for long-term success.

Accountability & support – motivation helps you start, but building habits you enjoy doing everyday is what’s going to help you succeed in the long run. I will give you the tools to make fitness part of your life.