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What you will learn while working with me:

Strength training –  I will teach you the most effective methods to tone and shape your body, while becoming stronger overall. I believe compound movements, when applied correctly, are the foundation to an effective training program, and have the power to increase quality of life, optimize movement, and eliminate pain. 

Overall mindset – my strength training routine will toughen your overall mindset. You will acquire a refreshing perspective on how to approach challenges, overcome obstacles, and become more productive and proactive in other areas in your life. You will learn that consistency, not perfection, breeds long-term success.

Movement quality & general fitness–I will build a comprehensive program for you based on the areas that need more mobility, stability or both. Everything you will learn is meant to improve your fitness, strength, and have a carryover to your everyday life.

Accountability & support – motivation helps you start, but building habits you enjoy doing everyday is what’s going to help you succeed in the long run. I will give you the tools to make fitness part of your life.

60 minute session: $200.
Please contact me for further information.

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