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My Story

After battling an eating disorder at the age of 18, I discovered strength training and used it to empower my mind and body. My mantra, “love your body, it’s the only place you can never leave,” is the foundation of my approach to a healthy and fulfilled life.


My passion lies in promoting strength training among women while focusing on empowerment and confidence through a scientific, flexible, and sane approach to fitness and nutrition. 

I believe training better prepares one for life- physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve helped hundreds of people from all sorts of diverse backgrounds achieve their fitness goals, lose fat, gain muscle, eliminate pain, improve health & movement, and become the best versions of themselves, inside out. 

In an industry where quick fixes, diet scams, and magical pills are a thing of the norm, I help you distinguishing between good, evidence-based information and misinformation.


I am here to empower you, guide you, support you, and keep you accountable while building the body you want. I'm here to help you reach your health goals, and live life pain- free, and thrive! 
Most importantly, I’m here to educate you.


 Stay strong, 



    Sivan has been an ACE certified personal trainer since 2010. She holds a BSc in exercise science from Towson University with a cumulative of 4.0 GPA, and has over 10 years of coaching experience. Sivan has also interned in Canton Ortho & Sports rehab in downtown Baltimore, MD, as well as in Sinai hospital inpatient rehabilitation unit. Sivan is a certified pain-free performance specialist and a FRC mobility specialist. She's also a prenatal and postpartum corrective exercise specialist. She's been featured in major online fitness publications such as the NewYorkTimes,, AARR, Testosterone Nation, and the Personal Trainer development Center. She was also named by Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines as "The genius trainer". Lastly, Sivan serves as SELF magazine fitness expert, educating women all around the world.

Her sensible, flexible, and scientific approach to nutrition, and her passion for promoting strength training and empowering women to lead a healthy, fit life, has made her a sought-after coach worldwide. Sivan operates her ‘Strong with Sivan’ boutique fitness studio in Potomac, MD. Her services include personal training and nutrition coaching, both in person and online.

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