My Eating Disorder Story

Up until my senior year in high school I didn’t care much for my weight. One of my favorite foods to eat for dinner was eight (yes, eight) pieces of toast with butter and jam; since I had always been active and ate intuitively, I had no weight issues. During my senior year, I focused all my time and energy on studying for finals and became less and less active. My daily inactivity, combined with regular food consumption, led me to gain about 10 pounds. My boyfriend at the time told me on several occasions that I had gained some weight. He was a very skinny and lengthy boy, so I felt “huge” and “too big” next to him. We eventually broke up and that was the turning point when my obsession with

What I’ve Learned in Over 10 Years of Consistent Strength Training

It all started when I was 18. At the time, I was slowly recovering from an eating disorder known as Anorexia Nervosa, and my dad was trying to lure me into the gym. “You know, there’s a way you can eat a lot more and still be skinny?” he said. “Come to the gym with me.” It’s funny how different my ideal body was 10 years ago. If you call me skinny nowadays, I won’t appreciate it. You can call me buff, lean, or strong looking, but do not call me skinny. My first time at the gym was immensely unproductive, to say the least. My “hardcore workout” consisted of some abdominal machine work, some crunches, and, wait for this… sleeping on the mat. Yup, I fell asleep on the mat about 15 minutes after

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