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I’m all for self love and loving your body. However, I’m not for body acceptance. If we were to just accept our bodies as they are, we would be accepting growing weaker every year that goes by, becoming immobile and stiff, gaining weight, and subsequentially—> unhealthy and unhappy as a result. we definitely don’t want that.

We want to strive for improvement. We want to strive to make our bodies better than they were ‘meant to be’.

We want to get our bodies strong. We want to get our bodies fitter, healthier, more mobile. We want our bodies to reflect our values when we value HEALTH.

Aesthetics benefits will come along the way too, these are just the additional perks.

But the real benefits are the quality of life and your sense of being, your inner strength.

Knowing you’re a strong and capable human being, inside out.

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