What Strength training is all about

Strength training isn’t only about building a sexy, fit physique. It's about building a strong character. It’s about feeling strong and capable to the point that you become what you look, and you operate from a strong emotional place. It’s about carrying yourself with confidence; and focusing on growth, and improvement over time. It's truly a self-discovery journey. Throughout my years of training , I’ve had my fair share of close ones telling me I’ve gained ‘ too much muscle’. I’ve had people telling me my quads are too big for a woman. I’ve had people telling me my arms are huge, and that I’ve lost my femininity . But I didn't let the naysayers stop me from doing what I was passionate

Once you're lean...

Just a friendly reminder- You won't find happiness, once you're lean. Your life won't be any more meaningful , once you're lean. Your friends and family won't love you any more, once you're lean. You won't get wiser, once you're lean. You won't become a better person , once you're lean. All your troubles and hardships won't disappear, once you're lean. Over the years, I've witnessed so many people (mainly women) attaching their self worth to the number on the scale or the size they wear. This needs to stop. You're more than that. I love my body whether I weigh 140 lbs (leanest) or 160 lbs (heaviest). I love my body whether I have super lean arms or some extra beefiness. I've learned to love

On physique transformation and realistic expectations

Social media, specifically Instagram, is full of before and after pics. You see these insane transformations of women/men who went from ‘not fit’ to ‘toned, lean and buff looking’. You’re thinking to yourself: ‘this kind of transformation probably takes around 3-6 months’. Unfortunately, when your wishful body doesn’t show up ‘on time’, you get discouraged, and you want to give up. The reality is that we’re talking about *years of consistent work* to reach that kind of transformation. Let me explain how physique ‘ transformation’ works —> When you first start strength training, your body responds pretty quickly- Training is a new stimulus, so your body has no other choice but to adapt and

How to keep going when you really don't feel like it ...

1. Be process oriented, not event oriented. Celebrate every habit/ behavior you take upon yourself to become better. If you started eating protein in every meal, that’s huge. If you’ve been strength training 3 times a week for the past 2 months- that’s success. Again, focus on what is in your control, and what you can keep doing to reach your goals. 2. Find your why. Ask yourself 3-5 times WHY. Why do you want to start eating healthier? Why do you want to strength train? Find your deepest, most intimate WHY and act on it. Your WHY can’t be anything related to aesthetics. Dig deeper. 3. Enjoy your program. Any diet or any strength training you do, you want to make sure you enjoy it, and you’r

How to prevent weight gain during the holidays

Let me preface this by saying that holiday meals aren't going to make or break your fat loss goals. It's what you do consistently, on a regular basis, that determines your success. Now, there are several approaches you can choose around holiday times: 1. If you don't have a deadline for your fat loss goals ( a wedding, vacation, and so on), you can use the holiday meal as a 'free meal'. That is, eat whatever you want, enjoy spending time with your loved ones, and hop on the train the next day. You will most likely eat more than any other day, but you cannot gain fat from eating one huge meal. Your body will most likely use the energy as fuel. 2. Another option is to save majority of yo

What does being an evidence-based practitioner mean anyway?

Evidence-based doesn't mean following every study's results blindly. Evidence-based doesn't mean not taking empirical data into consideration. Evidence-based means understanding the limitations each study has. Evidence-based means understanding n=1 doesn't apply to everyone. Evidence-based means being open-minded and willing to change your stance based on the strength of the studies, that were replicated. Evidence- based means not 'marry' any position on health and nutrition topics. Evidence based means combining the science and personal experience, while thinking critically. So, an evidence-based approach to fitness and nutrition means blending what we know from research with person

Long Term Success Mindset

Ask yourself these questions , and be honest: How long did it take you to gain this extra weight? Did you ever lose weight after eating salad and chicken? Did you ever gain weight after eating 2-3 cookies? After a week of weight training , do you look significantly different ? How about a month or two-are you exactly were you want to be? Anything you do, whether it has positive or negative effects, must be done consistently, and for a long duration to have major, noticeable outcomes. You never gained all this weight in one month so why are you expecting to lose it in a month? Eating one high quality meal or one low quality meal doesn't lead to major body composition changes And strength trai

For longevity and health, do this...

The older I get, the more I realize that for most people to be healthy and functional, they need to do two things, consistently: 1. Walk 2. Train for hypertrophy =building muscle mass The first one comes easily, as walking doesn’t require special instructions, and can be performed anywhere. The second one requires professional guidance in order reap the full benefits of strength training and staying injury free. Remember, we all lose muscle mass as we age. Having muscle mass is the difference between being independent vs. being dependent. It’s the difference between not using a walker vs. relying on one. It’s the difference between being strong and proud of your body vs. feeling like y

Strength Train Your Mind

I know I've posted about this a million times before, but I really want you to internalize this: Gaining muscle is a painfully slow process. However, it teaches you patience It teaches you dedication It teaches you work ethic It teaches you commitment. All of these qualities are paramount to be successful in anything else you choose to do. This is why strength training goes way beyond aesthetics and appearance, it forces you to dig deep down inside, and find that strength to continue doing what you’re doing, and trusting the process, even when your motivation isn’t there.

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