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Once you're lean...

Just a friendly reminder-

You won't find happiness, once you're lean.

Your life won't be any more meaningful , once you're lean.

Your friends and family won't love you any more, once you're lean.

You won't get wiser, once you're lean.

You won't become a better person , once you're lean.

All your troubles and hardships won't disappear, once you're lean.

Over the years, I've witnessed so many people (mainly women) attaching their self worth to the number on the scale or the size they wear.

This needs to stop.

You're more than that.

I love my body whether I weigh 140 lbs (leanest) or 160 lbs (heaviest).

I love my body whether I have super lean arms or some extra beefiness.

I've learned to love it all because I know I treat my body well.

I am healthy.

I am energized.

I am strong.

I am a capable human being.

And I'm much more than just my body.

And so are you.

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