Why I promote a good old strength training workout, not a HIIT

Lifting weights and properly resting between sets > endless rounds of circuit training/cardio bursts. Many times I find myself having to instruct the client to REST between sets. Women, especially, are so used to performing one exercise then jumping in place then running up the stairs then going back to doing another exercise, so that they FEEL exhausted at the end of a workout. But, the truth is, exhaustion =/= progression. I love incorporating supersets with clients, as well as fillers between sets ( mobility/ core work), but I always make it a point to prescribe an actual resting period (1-3 mins) so that the client can improve with time (more reps/ more weight / more sets/ improved techn

Strength training for better posture and aesthetics

"Strength training appeals to people for different reasons, but let's be honest—everyone wants to look good naked, and no one wants to get injured. You've probably tried countless training programs looking to achieve your dream physique, yet you feel that something is missing. Maybe you're bench pressing 225 pounds, but your shoulder keeps bothering you; or you've added some inches to your biceps, but you're still being told to stop slouching so much; or you've seen improvements in your physique, but your lower back is giving you problems. Something is missing from your training...." Continue reading on bodybuilding.com

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