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"I remember the day I was driving in my car with tears in my eyes wondering how I would keep up with my two young active boys. I was listening to a podcast about back pain and strength training. The trainer speaking urged listeners to his website to find personal trainers with specific certifications. Two popped up for my area. Sivan called me back first and I knew instantly she was the one. Her passion to help people like me was clear and her knowledge about strength training was clearer. She came to my house for my first evaluation and I felt a huge weight lift off me as she clearly explained a path to strength and a pain free life. I couldn’t wait to get started.

I should mention physically I have always looked fit and spent a lot time in yoga, barre and Pilates studios navigating through weeks of extreme backpain. It was not until Sivan taught me about the necessity of strength training that I saw a true improvement in the way my body functioned. Within 1 month of Sivan’s training, I felt improvement and by 3 months I couldn’t remember the last time I felt back pain or needed a last minute appointment with my chiropractor. At 6 months I was feeling the best I’ve felt in the last 10 years. At this point, I found out I was expecting my third baby and I was terrified to lose all the progress I had made and to feel that pain again. Sivan coached me through my pregnancy and unlike my previous pregnancies and recoveries I didn’t experience any back pain. Learning the fundamentals and knowledge to support my body the way it needs has been essential to my quality of life. I look forward to continuing my work with Sivan to achieve goals that I never thought were possible." - Niki Ballard Janian, 38

"Before working with Sivan, my biggest fear was training virtually would not give me the same results as training in person. Instead, I found my virtual sessions impactful. I had more time to schedule training sessions since there was no travel. I received precise corrections and suggestions working virtually. My goals were met and I never felt I was missing anything by not training in person.

My favorite part training with Sivan was the individualized program she created for me. She modified and changed it to meet my needs. I came to Sivan with specific goals to lessen tension and pain on one side of my body. She used her skills to pinpoint the specifics areas that needed to be strengthened to stop the spasms. Since training with Sivan I have not had the challenges I was experiencing that led me to find her.

If you want to have a personalized plan for your body to be in its optimal state, I recommend contacting Sivan now. Group classes, and apps can give you exercises, but they cannot ensure you are doing each movement safely or correctly. I received immediate feedback with each exercise. Not only did she offer suggestions or corrections, she would demonstrate the exercise and educate me on why and how the exercise would benefit my body. I am forever grateful for what I have gained from her skills and knowledge." -Austin Rees, 47

"Sivan has been an amazing coach for me. I wanted to take my fitness journey to the next level, and Sivan was the perfect person to help me. She is incredibly educated, and fitness is clearly her passion. Additionally, Sivan is not rigid and she’s always open to modifying movements that may be painful. What I benefited from the most, through my time with Sivan, is the organization and structure in my workouts. Before, I've been working out several times a week, but my sessions were sloppy. I purchased her individualized workout plan and couldn’t be happier. I now go into the gym with purpose, and can see my progress with her provided materials. I have gained strength, organization, and guidance through my time with Sivan. Thank you!" - Jessica Franco, 31

“I reached out to Sivan in 2018, as a young mom of 3 I was feeling constantly tired and sick of my vicious dieting cycle. I was a fitness novice who knew nothing about strength training.

Sivan patiently taught me all the basics from the ground up. Proper technique, good form, and positive self talk are the foundations of her training.

Our sessions are always a perfect combination of education, humor, and sweat. Over time, along with the changes in my body came mental changes.

A knowledge of my power as a strong woman and an endurance for life’s stresses.

I now have the ability to independently build my own enjoyable workouts, and confidently track my nutrition.

To say that Sivan has changed my life would be understatement.” -Baila Langer , 30

“I had lost a lot of weight through working out years ago, and thought I knew enough, but had gotten to a point of kids, jobs, no time for me, and things started to hurt.

I knew I was too young for my back to hurt this much all the time, and working out made it so much worse.

Sivan, the queen of proper form, came in at the perfect time. She had me lifting heavier without any fear of hurting myself. She pushed me to go harder and make more gains without ever compromising my safety. My natural competitiveness makes me up agree to try anything 😉 but Sivan is watching every tiny move to make sure that I stop when my muscles are fatiguing or I keep trying when I still have more in me, even when I don't recognize it !

Being stronger than I've ever been, and having no back pain is incredible!

And on top of all this, Sivan is really fun to talk to while she's kicking my tush!

I recommend her to so many different kinds of people looking to make healthier changes in their life because she is so educated in her field and professional that there isn’t anyone she cannot train in a safe manner !!

Dedicated to her trade-craft like no one I've seen!” -Phaygi Chinn- blankchtein, 38

"Sivan is an amazing fitness trainer and so much fun to work with! Her spirit and attitude are infectious and she actually makes you excited to go to the gym and work out. Sivan trained both of us at the same time and not only did she improve our techniques and make us stronger and healthier, but she provided us with the guidance and knowledge to be able to work out on our own. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have had Sivan as both a trainer and a friend."

- Micah Kleid, 38 & Davina Kleid, 33

"I knew I needed a trainer when I bent over to pick up my one-month old grandson and could not straighten up. Sivan was the perfect solution. I already knew that strength training was the way to go, especially for women. My work schedule was crazy, and she worked around my availability. And she made me commit to working out twice a week with her, which was absolutely necessary. We started out slow, and I began to realize how so many things that I did in my everyday life was contributing to my bad back and hip. Sivan was patient, upbeat, and encouraging at every session. Even when I started out tired, I was energized at the end of each session. Sivan knew a million ways to accomplish an exercise, so when one way didn’t work we tried another. She was creative and innovative, and always had my health as a top priority. My grandson is 22 pounds now and I can pick him up and carry him without any problems! I plan to make strength training a permanent part of my life". - Ruth Grossman, 63

"I am 79 years old and started working with Sivan two years ago. I have never worked with a trainer and find Sivan’s workouts very rewarding.

Lots of medical issues for me -- both knees and one hip replaced, one hip pinned, back surgery, and a broken wrist. My balance is poor, my hips and back are weak, and my right leg is one inch shorter than my left.

My initial training goals with Sivan included:

Improve balance and posture

Strengthen my core, hips, and right leg

Improve my gait and walk longer distances

Integrate workout exercises into my daily life

Sivan is extremely knowledgeable and a top-notch trainer. Her workouts are based on current research in the field. She attends state-of-the-art courses given by internationally recognized educators to augment her knowledge.

Sivan’s workouts are designed specifically for me. Each session is a tailor-made. She is creative and innovative, and adapts and breaks down exercises based on what I am able to do. Sivan also provides props including weights, bands, balls, and resistance bands.

Sivan is like a ray of sunshine ---- friendly, patient, and positive. Her knowledge and personality make her a fabulous trainer.

After two years, my core, upper and lower body and hips are stronger and my balance has improved. I am able to get down to the floor and back up to standing, and can walk up 10 flights of stairs (my record is 4:05 minutes). I feel stronger and more physically fit."

Mary S, 79

"Sivan is an amazing coach! She is super knowledgeable and hands on when you need it. I have never looked forward to an exercise session before working with Sivan. She is educated and knows how to explain things on the level you can understand. Within a month I saw changes in my form, physique and strength. I highly recommend her to all of my family and friends!"

-Chani Fishman, 31

"When I started working with Sivan 2 years ago, I had terrible form with my knees caving inwards. My knees had a lot of pain doing lunges, squats, and simple exercises. Sivan realized I had flat feet which was a big part of the reason my knees were not in the proper form. Sivan also saw that I needed to strengthen my shoulders and build my posture. I never knew how to do these things, but after working with Sivan I now have better posture and no more knee pain. I learned the proper form and technique of all exercises. People in my exercise class could see how much more strength and better form I had gained. I feel able to physically do more with no pain, and I'm so grateful for it. Additionally, my endurance has increased, I'm now able to easily walk 5 miles on a hilly terrain without being out of breath or exhausted. I never could have done all of this without Sivan. Sivan has been such a stong support to me in my quest for a 'healthier me'." Jennifer Julie Freese- Freter, 47

"Sivan is the best trainer I have ever trained with. I have worked out for years and had many different trainers over that period of time. I've never experienced before I met Sivan, the personal touch and care that Sivan has for her clients. Sivan is extremely knowledgeable in the Fitness world and knows the human anatomy extremely well. The training she gives is based on her expertise and the client's feedback. She pushes you to accomplish what you are capable of, without risk of hurting yourself. She also is great for those who have injured themselves either in the gym or in general. She helped them get back on their feet, sometimes literally! She is meticulous in figuring out the best workouts to fit one's individual needs, and I am lucky to have her as a trainer!!!" -Kevin Finkelstein, 48

"Working with Sivan changed my life. My body was extremely weak due to my eating disorder recovery weight gain.. When I got the 'okay' to exercise, I hired Sivan. I was embarrassed and ashamed about everything about my body, but Sivan showed me how to appreciate it and its capabilities. She was always patient with me, even when I wasn’t patient with myself. Sivan taught me that if you want something then do it, don’t make excuses and don’t wait for someone to do it for you. Not only was she a support for me physically, but she was also a huge support for me emotionally. Sivan is not a typical trainer, she tailors each session depending on your needs, and she’s not afraid to go against the grain in her approaches with her clients, which is one of the many things which make Sivan so unique. I’d give Sivan a 10/10". -Shalva Fishkind, 21

"Sivan came at a time when I needed support. She helps make you stronger for life and not just a workout. Every time I was able to complete our sessions—which were not easy—I felt accomplished and more determined about other areas of my world. She really nurtures and guides you towards a healthier, more honest way of behaving, eating and exercising. I enjoyed learning proper technique for different circuits and mostly, her persistence and humor. I would recommend her to anyone". -Heidi L. Klotzman, 37

"When you work with Sivan you know that you are getting the best strength training with a focus on doing movements accurately. She gives you the tools to move better and be healthier" -Ariel Lutch, 39

"When I first decided to hire a personal trainer, I had in mind to hire a trainer for only a couple sessions, and anything more than that was just a waste of money. Sivan ended up training me for about a year because she opened my eyes to endless opportunities in the gym. I thought a trainer's job was to just tell me which exercises to do in order to make me short of breath, but Sivan taught me otherwise. Sivan taught me the foundation of working out and why we do what we do in the gym. She didn’t just point, rather she guided me. She taught me how to make the gym a permanent routine, and not just a temporary journey. Sivan is the trainer to hire if you want to learn how to train on your own, and learn the fundamentals, proper form, and effectiveness of your training." - Dave Attar, 24

"I've gone to a gym for years, and I've had at least 4 trainers before being referred to Sivan. The other trainers I've had were all licensed and capable, but their knowledge and ability pales in comparison to Sivan's. She's clear when she instructs, and makes sure her client is doing the exercise correctly. A big plus for me is that she finds ways to vary the workout so one doesn't get bored. An added, but not a necessary factor is Sivan's personality. She's extremely personable, pleasant, and very bright. It's evident that Sivan loves to train and happiest when her clients make progress". - Millicent Cierler, 81

"I feel very fortunate to have worked with Sivan. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but she is also passionate and a real inspiration. We started with the basics, and increased resistance with each session. I learned that I am capable of so much more than I thought. I started out not being able to do a single push-up, and now I can do 12! I learned exercises that would help me strengthen my core and prevent injuries at work (I'm a nurse), and proper body alignment. I learned that losing weight and gaining muscle is a lot simpler than I thought. I learned that if I want something badly enough then the only person standing in my way is me. I’m so grateful for beginning my fitness journey with Sivan and I plan on taking her lessons and guidance with me in the future." -Shira Saull, 28

"Sivan is an amazing fitness trainer and a joy to work with. I appreciate that she takes a thorough history and remembers my problem areas - back and one knee- each session. She is up on the latest fitness research and it teaches excellent form. I started out without much strength, have made excellent progress, and am still going strong! Thanks Sivan!" - Elisheva Paymar, 67

"I first met Sivan at the PH JCC where she did personal workouts at that time and was a personal trainer. What drew me to her was the very meticulous training she did for herself and what I saw in her PT for others that were younger and older.

For me, I had been searching for some time to find someone who I thought could assist me in the next steps required to get me back physically from where I was. I had always run and played basketball in my early years to late 40’s, but as time went on I had endured 6 knee surgeries (including total knee replacements), a partially paralyzed leg from an accident and have 10 bad disks in my back and neck but managed to avoid surgeries for that. I reviewed all that with her including my neck/back MRI, and even met her at my chiropractor’s office in Reisterstown so he could review the neck MRI with her. A lot of what she did was prep work to understand my particular needs and know what she could help me with considering some of the physical limitations I had.

I had recovered and finished PT for the knee replacements but still found I couldn’t walk too far without my back tightening up and as active as I was this just wasn’t acceptable. Given that I was then in my mid 50's I figured I needed to do something so these issues wouldn't be chronic as I aged.

So, I started training with Sivan twice a week. and there was a learning curve in the beginning. As time went on, she introduced more challenging training and I kept at it (even when we weren’t training). I listened and she listened to me and revised things that were just not comfortable to do. I would report in consistently during these sessions and off hours to mention how I was feeling etc. Sivan would document findings and either make changes or enhance what did seem to work for me.

Over 1 1/2 years I made tremendous strides for what I was physically lacking to give me better balance, lower body strength, and much better flexibility. She explained things as we went along as well. Our sessions have ended now, but last June I was able to do the Pikesville 5k as a jog which I never thought I would be able to do again. I am not going to go back to running to keep in shape, but it was simply a closure type of statement for me." -Neil Shaffer, 61

"I was referred to work with Sivan after I was cleared from physical therapy (post reverse total shoulder replacement surgery). I've worked with her for 2 years. During this time, I've lost over 55 lbs, and gained strength and mobility in my joints. My surgeon is really happy with the range of motion and strength I've gained well. I'm now able to get down on the floor and play with my grandson with no pain or discomfort, and I attribute this to the strength I've gained and the weight I've lost thanks to Sivan's guidance, care, and dedication . Of all the trainers I've had in the past 19 years, Sivan is the very first to take care about me, the person, and take an interest in what and how I am doing. She knows when to push, when to adjust an exercise, and when to let me rest. Best of all, Sivan demands continuous feedback, and she inspires me to put 110%. She's a great inspirational coach, and I'd recommend her to anyone who's looking to become stronger, fitter, and healthier in a safe, effective, and flexible way." -David Lewis, 74

"Sivan completely changed my way of looking at dieting and strength training. I had heard about these life changes for years, but such goals always seemed unattainable for someone like me: a newbie who not only had no experience but no clue where to start. All I knew was that the word diet meant restricted caloric intake and the definition of exercise was the performance of endless amounts of cardio. Sivan started with me from ground zero and taught me the right way

to eat and how to diet for my specific health goals. She taught me about lifting weights, about the right way to exercise for my body, and how to slowly build up my strength. Over the past two years, Sivan has taught me how to incorporate sustainable changes; she has helped me

achieve results that are longer lasting than those I achieved on other programs I did before. I am so grateful to have gained the tools I needed to improve my relationship with food, the tools I

needed to gain confidence in the gym, and those I needed to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Thank you, Sivan! "

-Shana Moss , 23

"To be honest, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen going into this. I’ve never worked with someone when it comes to nutrition before, and I was a little nervous because I wanted to be sure whatever diet I ended up being on was something I could maintain. However, working with Sivan never caused me any stress. She worked with me in order to help me find new habits that I could integrate into my lifestyle, instead of trying to dictate what I ate. She was kind, helpful, and encouraging. Sivan helped me adjust my lifestyle to get the results I wanted, as well as ensuring that I would be able to maintain that lifestyle. But more than that, she helped me change my way of thinking, helped cultivate a mindset that was more positive, and resulting in me being kinder to myself. That was truly the thing I found to be most incredible. I have not only seen physical changes, but also found the way I think about weight and nutrition to have changed for the better. Thank you Sivan!" -Heather Douglas, 22

"With the pandemic happening I figured it was a good time to invest in my health and personal trainer. After extensive research I found Sivan. I was not looking for someone who focuses on what they only think what is best for me, but actually listen to me and what I want to achieve as well. After several years of weight lifting on my own and even competing in a state strongman competition, I thought Sivan was best suited to focus my attention toward basic movements. My focus was not to lift heavy and get bigger, but more, doing the movements correctly with correct form and based in proper technique. This, so I can work out for the rest of my life and do it properly and reap the rewards of doing so. Upon my initial movement review session, I was frustrated and felt the reasons why I had aches and pains was from doing even the simplest of movements incorrectly. Sivan work with me on repetition and instilling a new muscle memory with respect to basic movements incorporated in major exercises as well as how to move throughout the day. During my sessions with Sivan we had success in making the proper changes and had fun doing it. During each session, I was always surprised that the hour was done so quickly. Even with taking no breaks, the instruction, back and forth and even laughter made the time move so fast. I have enjoyed my time with Sivan, and her energy. I am planning to incorporate the basic movements in all my future workouts and see how I can fare on my own for the coming months. My plans are to come back and have Sivan review my progress and see how we can advance from there. " -John Lloyd , 51

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