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Halloween Eating Approach

What did She-Hulk eat during the Halloween party? -2 fireball shots. Yes, it's food. -Pulled chicken..cuz someone gotta feed her muscles -Swedish fish candy

-chocolate dipped smores cookies (whoever made them, I love you). The day after, she returned to her normal, healthy eating schedule. She didn't try to 'burn off' those extra evil halloween calories because she doesn't use exercise to punish herself. She didn't have a full blown binge fest, because "she already messed up her perfect little meal plan, so screw this healthy lifestyle". She didn't feel guilty for eating these foods; she enjoyed having fun with her friends. She understands her mental and emotional health are as *important* as her physical health. She treats her green body with respect. And I hope you do the same. Remember, you're always one meal away from getting back on track. You got it!

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