Changing habits is hard, here's what you can do about it

Here’s an example of an emotional eating habit cycle: cue - feelings of sadness The cue leads to a routine, which is eating Then the routine leads to the reward, which is the happiness, relief etc Here’s the thing, when a habit emerges, the brain fully stops participating in decision making. So, deciding ‘I’m goin to stop eating when I feel sad’ isn’t going to cut it because the habit is on an autopilot mode. Habit cannot be eradicated, it must be replaced. So, what you can do is change your routine while keeping the cue and the reward the same. This means, when you’re feeling sad, you respond to sadness by doing something else instead of eating. This new response needs to make you happy

Understanding your metabolism

How do I know how many calories I burn per day? How can I speed up my metabolism? These are some of the questions my clients have asked me at least once. So, let's look at what your metabolism consists of, or, what is the amount of calories you burn per day: 1. BMR: Basal metabolic rate. The amount of calories your body burns at rest, for survival. For instance, breathing. 2. TEF: Thermic effect of food. The amount of calories your body burns just for processing the food you're eating (digesting , storing food etc). Protein has the highest TEF, so this is just another reason to eat enough protein throughout the day:) 3.NEAT: non-exercise activity thermogenesis. The amount of calories

Birthday Aftermath

I find it interesting that among workout clothes, flowers and candles, some of my clients gave me peanut butter themed candy for my birthday. Do you think they know me well? lol Some of these clients have lost anywhere between 10lbs-50 lbs while working with me, focusing on making healthy choices and controlling their caloric intake, while treating themselves from time to time on their favorite foods. We focused on creating a healthy and positive relationship with food. We focused on not eliminating food groups from the diet as long as they can control the intake We focused on foods being neutral, not good or bad. We focused on creating a relaxing, joyful, social food experience, with no gui

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