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Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

‘Ain’t nobody got time for food tracking and calories calculations’, I am constantly told by my clients; and they are 110% correct. Few are the individuals who actually track their food intake and enjoy doing so. For this reason, I wanted to share my straight forward, practical guidelines for dieting approach if your goal is general health or fat loss with no calorie counting. 1. Eat a serving of protein in every meal. Not sure what protein sources you should choose? Are mixed nuts a good protein source? Read this article. 2. Load up on fibrous veggies in every meal. Naturally, veggies are low in calories, high in fiber, vitamins and mineral content, and have high satiety effects. Pay attention to added oils and sauces, which contain unwanted, extra calories. If you do choose to add them, measure carefully. Also, starchy veggies, such as, corn, peas, beans and so on, are considered as carb sources, so use portion control. 3. Eat your carbs but keep an eye on the portion size. Like bread? Pasta? Potatoes? Fruits? Feel free to include them, in moderation. 4. Protein powder. If you have difficulties with your protein options, do invest in a protein powder. Protein powders are extremely convenient, tasty, and easy to grab and go. 5. Eat your fats in some of your meals. Do measure your fats, use a measuring tablespoon for oils, ¼ cup for nuts. 6. Supplement your diet with a good multivitamin and omega 3 oil. 7. Drink enough water. Drink water with every meal and in between meals. Add flavored sugar free drink mixes if you don’t like to drink plain water. 8. Find lower calorie options to your most consumed food items. For instance, I absolutely love ketchup so I purchase the reduced sugar one, which tastes exactly the same as regular ketchup but contains half of the calories per serving. 9. Buy reduced fat and fat free options whenever possible.

10.Eat 3-5 meals a day. As I’ve mentioned here, if your goal is fat loss, you need to create a caloric deficit. Things might be trickier if you don’t track your intake, however, using portion control with higher caloric foods while consuming an ample amount of protein and veggies will most likely create a deficit. Good luck!

My client David, who lost over 55lbs following my guidelines Below are 4 examples of David's colorful, delicious, and healthy meals:

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