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What Strength training is all about

Strength training isn’t only about building a sexy, fit physique.

It's about building a strong character.

It’s about feeling strong and capable to the point that you become what you look, and you operate from a strong emotional place. It’s about carrying yourself with confidence; and focusing on growth, and improvement over time. It's truly a self-discovery journey.

Throughout my years of training , I’ve had my fair share of close ones telling me I’ve gained ‘ too much muscle’.

I’ve had people telling me my quads are too big for a woman.

I’ve had people telling me my arms are huge, and that I’ve lost my femininity .

But I didn't let the naysayers stop me from doing what I was passionate about.

Because I became my body.

I became mentally strong.

Strength training was ‘there’ for me when life got challenging. It helped channel my sadness, frustration, and negative emotions into something positive. It helped me build myself back up, after I tore my body down.

Strength training has shaped me into the person I am today. And for this, I'm forever grateful.

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