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The Development of Strong with Sivan Approach

My strength training observations and feelings along the past 14 years in a chronological order:

I don't want to look like a man, but this lifting game is fun ⬇️ Wow I gained some muscle; I like it ⬇️ I kinda have an idea of what I'm doing ⬇️ Yay. More muscle mass; I can eat more ⬇️ Damn, my ass looks good; I love my broad shoulders and lats. I do not look like a dude😏 ⬇️ I feel so strong; I don't care what others say. This ‘muscular’ look is feminine to ME ⬇️ Strength training is my drug of choice ⬇️ I want others to feel what I feel ⬇️ I better educate myself ⬇️ My clients are improving; they look better ;move better; feel better ⬇️ Strength training is the fountain of youth ⬇️ Everyone should strength train- males, females, of all ages. ⬇️ Educating others is where it's at.

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