Best Diet-Friendly Foods

Dieting sucks; I know. However, eating in a caloric deficit doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy good food in decent amounts. Here are some delicious food recommendations/ recipes that are diet friendly; they are high in volume and low in calories, both of which we want when we’re eating less than our body requires, or when we’re simply trying to keep our hunger in check. 1. Top halo/ enlightened ice cream. Both ice cream are equally delicious and filling. Calories are anywhere between 280-400 for one pint; one pint, my friends. The kicker is that each pint also contains 24-28 grams of protein, and we know how much protein is important from both body composition and health standpoint. The flavors a

Master the hip hinge

The hip hinge is one of the foundational movement patterns everyone should learn how to do. The hip hinge protects and strengthens your lower back, strengthens your lower body musculature (a plumper butt, anyone?), increases core stability (core strength), hip mobility (range of motion), and hamstrings flexibility. And let’s admit it, majority of us have super tight hamstrings and we use our lower back more than we realize. What is the ‘functional use’ of a hip hinge? we hip hinge when we want to pick up something off the floor; a basket of laundry, your 2-year-old child, or a heavy box, would all fit the bill. So, we should be hip hinging pretty much on a regular basis; problem is, majori

How Strength Training Transformed This Man’s Life

5 months ago, when I first met Neil Shaffer, 58, I was warned he had: "10 bad disks in neck and low back area, 2 knee replacement surgeries, and partial paralysis in the lower leg". He hoped I can help him. Neil’s injuries and subsequent surgeries occurred over time through ‘wear and tear’, even though he was active & was regularly walking and using the elliptical machine at the gym. His lower back was causing discomfort and pain, he was constantly feeling stiffness in his knees, and generally couldn’t move the way he wanted to. “I want to be able to play on the ground with my granddaughter, take a nice long walk, and do normal everyday things pain–free,” Neil explained. I told Neil that I'l

Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

‘Ain’t nobody got time for food tracking and calories calculations’, I am constantly told by my clients; and they are 110% correct. Few are the individuals who actually track their food intake and enjoy doing so. For this reason, I wanted to share my straight forward, practical guidelines for dieting approach if your goal is general health or fat loss with no calorie counting. 1. Eat a serving of protein in every meal. Not sure what protein sources you should choose? Are mixed nuts a good protein source? Read this article. 2. Load up on fibrous veggies in every meal. Naturally, veggies are low in calories, high in fiber, vitamins and mineral content, and have high satiety effects. Pay at

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