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How to prevent weight gain during the holidays

Let me preface this by saying that holiday meals aren't going to make or break your fat loss goals. It's what you do consistently, on a regular basis, that determines your success. Now, there are several approaches you can choose around holiday times: 1. If you don't have a deadline for your fat loss goals ( a wedding, vacation, and so on), you can use the holiday meal as a 'free meal'. That is, eat whatever you want, enjoy spending time with your loved ones, and hop on the train the next day. You will most likely eat more than any other day, but you cannot gain fat from eating one huge meal. Your body will most likely use the energy as fuel. 2. Another option is to save majority of your calories for dinner, by creating a large caloric deficit during the day. Then, during the holiday meal you'll be left with calories to 'spend' on your favorite (high-calorie) foods.

For instance, assuming you're eating 2000 cals/day.

You'd be eating veggies and protein throughout the day, around the 400-800 calories. And for the holiday dinner, you'd be having majority of your calories.

3. You can also keep a portion sized control over your food, just like you do in any other day. However, this approach is a bit harder for most people since more time is spent next to the table, and people love relaxing more with their food intake around holiday times. So, there you have it. The choice is yours.

Notice I didn’t say: "Do not touch this food" or "Just eat your special food that you’re ‘allowed’ to eat”.

No one wants to feel deprived or should feel deprived during holiday meals.

Practice diet flexibility, and enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.

Just make sure that one or two days of holiday meals don’t turn into 2 months of holiday meals. Happy Passover and happy Easter for those who celebrate <3

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