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On physique transformation and realistic expectations

Social media, specifically Instagram, is full of before and after pics. You see these insane transformations of women/men who went from ‘not fit’ to ‘toned, lean and buff looking’.

You’re thinking to yourself: ‘this kind of transformation probably takes around 3-6 months’.

Unfortunately, when your wishful body doesn’t show up ‘on time’, you get discouraged, and you want to give up. The reality is that we’re talking about *years of consistent work* to reach that kind of transformation.

Let me explain how physique ‘ transformation’ works —>

When you first start strength training, your body responds pretty quickly-

Training is a new stimulus, so your body has no other choice but to adapt and grow.

You're going to see some increased definition, improved posture, strength gains etc

Then, in order to add more muscle, you'd have to be consistent, and improve, over time.

Not only that, but the details will matter more. Specifics of exercise programming, nutrition, sleep, stress levels -

all will have an effect on your muscle building goals.


Think about what you're asking of your body.

You want your body to build more tissue, so you need to create an optimal environment for growth, past beginner gains.

Saying: ‘I don't have the genetics for building my butt’ after you've been lifting for 1-2 years is akin to expecting to be an elite level athlete after two years of training.

Never going to happen.

Elite physiques are built through many many years of consistent, smart, and effective training.

So, prepare to work, and *enjoy* the process, it’s literally the best part of this journey. You learn SO much about yourself as an individual, and you grow *with* your body. You got this!

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