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How to keep going when you really don't feel like it ...

1. Be process oriented, not event oriented.

Celebrate every habit/ behavior you take upon yourself to become better.

If you started eating protein in every meal, that’s huge.

If you’ve been strength training 3 times a week for the past 2 months- that’s success.

Again, focus on what is in your control, and what you can keep doing to reach your goals.

2. Find your why.

Ask yourself 3-5 times WHY. Why do you want to start eating healthier? Why do you want to strength train? Find your deepest, most intimate WHY and act on it. Your WHY can’t be anything related to aesthetics. Dig deeper.

3. Enjoy your program.

Any diet or any strength training you do, you want to make sure you enjoy it, and you’re ready and willing to follow it because you understand the value it provides you- your health/ physique/ confidence etc

4. Have realistic expectations about the speed, amount, and ease of the results you’re looking for. For instance: Muscle building takes time( years). Fat loss is a fairly fast process if you’re following a deficit(consistently). Dieting isn’t easy. And so on.

5. Find support and accountability. find people you will cheer on you and encourage you to keep going. You’re not alone.

6. Treat yourself as if you’re your own best friend. Would you tell your best friend to give up on their goals ? Hell no.

Be self compassionate.

And remember, you’re always stronger than you think.

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