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Long Term Success Mindset

Ask yourself these questions , and be honest:

How long did it take you to gain this extra weight?

Did you ever lose weight after eating salad and chicken?

Did you ever gain weight after eating 2-3 cookies?

After a week of weight training , do you look significantly different ? How about a month or two-are you exactly were you want to be?

Anything you do, whether it has positive or negative effects, must be done consistently, and for a long duration to have major, noticeable outcomes.

You never gained all this weight in one month so why are you expecting to lose it in a month?

Eating one high quality meal or one low quality meal doesn't lead to major body composition changes

And strength training for a week, or two, or even 8, doesn't bring you to your ultimate, end-goal .

My point is that you need to have both patience and realistic expectations when approaching your new, healthier lifestyle.

Otherwise, you're never going to reach your full potential because you'll give up somewhere along the way.

Don't make this common mistake.

Anything you'll ever achieve is the sum of small consistent steps you've made along the way, so take one day at a time.

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