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If You Have Fat Loss or Muscle Goals....


There is no deadline.

Stop putting your body on a deadline.

'I need to lose x amount of weight in x amount of time'.

'I only lost 1 lbs this week, what am i doing wrong ?' (nothing)

'I need to change, and I need to change quickly because I want to see fast results'.

You know what?

Slow progress is still progress.

Slow progress is more likely to stick.

And good habits are what going to stick for the long term (and isn't that what you want? You want *long* term results, not *a few months* results ...)

You see, habits take time to acquire because they take repetitions, just like those repetitions you put in the gym.

So ,there is NO rush.

Enjoy the process of improving yourself.

Slow and steady wins the race because this is life..

Physique (transformation) success is all about doing the consistent 'reps' that will have a compound effect on your physique.

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