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How to Structure your Diet to Promote Adherence

I’ve been on a fat loss diet for the past 4 weeks.

We all know desserts are forbidden when our goal is fat loss because the calories from the fat and sugar specifically increase fat deposits. JK. I'm just trying to test you 😉

I posted this *mouthgasm* yesterday on my IG story, and was asked how come I’m able to eat this high calorie dessert if I’m on a diet.

Here’s the thing- yes, this is a caloric bomb, but I *planed* for it.

We know we need to create a caloric deficit to lose fat. We also know that cycling calories is a way to sustain a deficit without eating the same amount of calories each day.

So, if I need around ~1900 calories/day to create a deficit, I make sure that by the end of the week, the total average calorie intake for a day is 1900.

You can structure your fat loss diet as you will. This approach works specifically well with people who want to eat more during the weekend, and don’t care to create a higher deficit on the weekdays.

For instance, let’s go with the 1900 cals example 1900x 7= 13,000 total weekly calories needed to lose fat. One way we can spread 13,300 calories throughout the week:

Sunday: 2700 Monday: 1580 Tuesday: 1580 Wednesday: 1580 Thursday: 1580 Friday: 1580 Saturday: 2700

This is just one example if you prefer to eat more on the weekends.

Another application of calorie cycling is to eat more calories on days you’re lifting, and less on days you’re resting or doing cardio.

I find this approach helps to increase diet adherence, enjoyability, and flexibility.

Remember, dieting isn’t easy. Dieting is hard, and no one likes to eat less food than they want ( this is coming from a foodie); however, this doesn’t mean you should be miserable.

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