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What the Diet Industry doesn't Want You to Know

Let’s put this out there. I know you want to trust your favorite fitness celebs, fitness models, and personal trainers. I get it. These people, whose physiques inspired you to work out and embrace on a healthy lifestyle, are quite inspiring and motivating; and there’s nothing wrong with motivation, until it negatively affects you. Fitness celebs aren’t fitness professionals; they have an unearned authority due to their social status. If a person has one million followers on Facebook, it doesn’t mean they are credible sources for health, fitness and nutrition information.

Unfortunately, there are lots of people out there who promote ineffective products that supposedly ‘help you get the fitness model body you’ve always dreamed of’. A true fitness professional would never promote detoxes, special teas, cleanses, body wraps, creams or any product you must purchase in order to ‘eliminate toxins and lose fat.’ Why, you’re asking? Simply because you cannot eliminate toxins since you already have a liver that functions to do just that. Furthermore, if you had toxins in your body, you wouldn’t be here, breathing and kicking, while reading this blog post.

What these products contain are loads of caffeine and stimulants that cause you to pee, eliminate body fluids, and essentially lose lbs. The lbs lost are water weight, not fat tissue. The only way to lose body fat is by eating less calories than you burn per day (I previously wrote about it here). So, body wraps, waist trainers, coconut creams or whatever other silly, fat-loss products that are on the market are basically big huge scams.

With that being said, any fitness professional that promotes detoxes, cleanses, or ‘fat- melting-carb-blocking’ supplements aren’t reliable individuals. They only want your hard earned money, and give you the illusion of an opportunity to look like them because they claim to use the products they promote. I promise you they don’t look the way they do because of said products. Interestingly enough, if you ever read the tiny little letters on a fat loss product, it is always suggested that it ‘works’ in combination with an exercise and diet program. Well, of course it does. It works BECAUSE you’re doing the exercise and diet part; not because you’re taking the supplement. So we’ve established that all of these products do not actually help you lose fat and eliminate toxins, but they do leave you hopeless and despaired. Many women I’ve trained along the years hired me after spending hundreds of dollars on diet products. They were upset at themselves for not getting the results they want; they were tired of the constant battle with food; and they lacked confidence and self-efficacy. They put all of their hopes upon that one fat-loss product; they wanted it to work. Once you depend your success upon something external, you’re not relying on yourself for a change; you’re not putting the trust in you. You’re depending your success on a baseless, useless item. Do you see how easy it is to feel despaired and powerless if this is your belief system? Put the trust in you. You can control your mind, and by that can control your body, and work towards the changes you want to see. My advice is for you to educate yourself. The more you know, the better decisions you can make and help yourself. Always remember that knowledge is power, so never stop learning.

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