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Feel Stuck With your Progress? Read This

Here’s a little motivation for those who feel like they are stuck in their fat loss journey. Meet S, one of my amazing clients, who’s done an amazing job with her workouts and diet.

The problem is she can't see the difference between both pics🙄. You and I, both, can see the smaller waist, the improved posture, the leaner lower body. The only thing S sees is: 'Omg!! my love handles'. We’re our worst critics, aren’t we? Let me explains what usually happens when you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. Your body starts to slowly reshape itself, and it may seem like you’re adding more fat to your frame because other areas get smaller (in this case it’s her waist). This is very common and is part of any fat loss process. You must trust the process if you want to see long-term results. Even if it may seem like your physique doesn't change, it does, slowly but surely. So, you need to focus on the positive; focus on how far you've come and how strong you've become; focus on the change in your mindset and increased confidence; keep on pushing, and NEVER stop.

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