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Automating Your Nutrition Is Key

We all have a limited amount of will power.

The secret to making a diet work for you is to reduce the amount of decisions you make on a daily basis. The less you need to decide about what to eat in each meal, the more convenient the diet is for you. Thus, you’d be more likely to stick with it.

This is the reason why meal plans work so well for people. There is no thinking involved, there’s just following the menu.

However, 2 aspects of why following prescribed meal plans isn’t a great idea :

1. Prescribed meal plan don’t take your individuality and preferences into consideration. Meaning if a meal plan calls for 6 meals per day, or a chicken for lunch; but you definitely don’t have time to eat small freakin 6 meals in a day, and you really don’t like chicken-> then it’s not going to work for you.

2. Prescribed meal plans don’t emphasize the eating habits, and the eating behavior awareness that are paramount for long term success.

Eating slowly, eating when you’re hungry, and eating til satisfied are ‘kind of’ important to master if you want to control your weight.

Also, noticing when you’re eating, and how you’re feeling and thinking before, during, and after meals help to identify your specific eating behavior so that you can improve it.


The secret is to follow an eating routine according to *your* lifestyle, food preferences and specific goals.

Automating your nutrition in a way that fits you, the individual, is the wisest way to go about it, since you won’t be dependent on the finite amount of will power you have.

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